How to create an original interior of a small apartment - tips from experienced designers

Most residents


Most residents of cities-large and small, peripheral and Metropolitan areas, most often are the owners of small apartments. But how do you want to organize even this space so that the interior turned out to be fully comfortable, cozy, ergonomic and beautiful! It is believed that for the most efficient use of the space of a small apartment, its layout should be organized as simply as possible. It is undesirable to oversaturate the space functionally. Each room should have its purpose. It is not necessary to unite them contrary to the stereotype of open space, but rather to divide the living area and the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

So, where does the transformation of a small apartment into a cozy, comfortable and functional home begin? That's right, with the preparation of a simple project that can be independently sketched on a piece of paper.

Of course to solve physically the problem of shortage of space unfortunately will not succeed, but to make housing more ergonomic and comfortable for life is still worth trying. Moreover, a lot of positive feedback from owners who decided to resort to small design tricks that contribute to the visual increase in space in their apartment, talking about their successful experience.

Design tricks to visually increase the space

Built into each other items will allow out of use to store them more compactly, the main thing that their appearance was not complicated and intricate. It is appropriate if the furniture of one room will be made in the same style and from the same materials or materials-companions.

A narrow corridor will not be cluttered if the shoes are not placed on the floor, and in a special shelf-obuvnitsa, which has a compact size, roomy enough and closed.